Why Pillar Support?

Of all the IT support companies out there why pick Pillar Support? To get a read on that we asked our clients what they love most about working with us. Here are a few of the top reasons you’ll enjoy working with us too.

Best IT in NYCRelationships First

Beyond being a reliable vendor, Pillar is a trusted partner. As small business owners ourselves, we are empathic to business owner’s needs. That means we strive to educate and inform you and welcome all your IT questions no matter how small or big. We always take a big-picture approach with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness. We also provide carry-over hours so that you always have all the support you need. These are just a few of the ways we invest in our relationships.

Experience & Knowledge

Our clients enjoy the confidence of knowing that we are IT experts, capable of handling complex projects and empowered with the latest training. In 17 years, we’ve served a variety of businesses from legal offices to architectural firms and we carry best practices from one client to the next. This provides a wider view than someone working in-house for just one company.


With an accessible and available team plus priority and remote support options, we’re there when you need us. We know your team’s productivity depends on it and that the success of our business depends on our ability to respond and get to the heart of the matter without haste.

One Call

No matter what your tech issue, whether you need to plan for growth, improve your infrastructure, make your technology compliant or simply install new software, we’re there. Were one of the few IT companies that are also able to discuss your web development and advanced programming needs too, keeping it all very simple for you.

Customer Service

Great relationships begin with customer service. From the first phone call to our tenth meeting, with every point of contact we strive to exceed your expectations. Having great “bedside” manners is not something all techies practice. For us, that is the pinnacle of good business.

Proactive Approach

Being an essential part of your team goes beyond responding when your IT fails, it involves being forward-looking and proactive so that you, your team and your IT is running optimally at all times. Count on us to take a strategic approach to your technology with an eye toward growth.